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About Major Momentum Cycling Club

Major Momentum Cycling Club

Club Officers

  • President: Jeffrey Kellar
  • Vice President: Marcus Williamson
  • Secretary: Holly Smith
  • Treasurer:
  • Parliamentarian: Cameron Swanson
  • Events Director: LaSonia Moss 
  • Member At Large: Jesse Neeley
  • Membership: Membership Team

Club History

Major Momentum Cycling Club was founded in June 2007. Our first meeting was held at Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center which is located on historic Jefferson Street in Nashville, Tennessee.

The common goal of all of our riders was to establish an outlet where we could exercise, network, and encourage the sport of cycling in the African American community and also the Metro Nashville Davidson County Area as a whole. We have a very diverse group of cyclist and welcome all individuals interested in promoting the sport of cycling. We aggressively look to create an atmosphere of inclusion without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, and disability.

We also honor the life and legacy of Marshall Walter "Major Taylor as the first American Cycling Champion in the United States from 1899 to 1904. Plans are under way to have the first Major Taylor Day which will emphasize the sport of cycling, the health benefits of cycling and the champion "Major Taylor.

With the word of a new bicycling club spreading throughout the cycling community, the interest in our club started to grow. We have a good mix of advanced, intermediate & beginning riders with an age range between 21 & 63. We have a very diverse group and we depend on each other to make the other better. We strongly believe in the statement, "NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!

We invite you and your family to join us for a ride and get to know our group personally.

Slogan: Hills Are Your Friends So Embrace Them.

Motto: No one will be left behind!

Fact: Your bike knows what to do, it's just waiting on you to tell it what to do!

Major Momentum Cycling Club has the support of 5 Certified Spin Instructors as members of the club.

  • Kathy Davis
  • Marcus Williamson
  • LaSonia Moss
  • John Bland
  • Greg Johnson

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Major Momentum Cycling Club. PO Box 280562. Nashville, TN 37228.

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